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Advertise and sell cars more quickly with perfect images.

We develop processes that help you sell more cars. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive solution in the form of a complete 360° photo studio, automating or upgrading an existing photo studio with a turntable or outsourcing your automotive photography to one of partners, we can help. Regardless of which solution you choose, we provide optimal images and seamless integration with your other processes using our know-how and experience as an automotive marketing innovator. And this sells cars.

Complete 360° photo studio for automotive photography

Ideal routing for your location
Can be completely finished with your desired colours and materials
Automated photography
Automated editing and publication
Full integration with your systems and websites

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Automate/upgrade your existing 360° photo studio

Reuse existing studio
Optional upgrade of cameras, lighting and studio box
Automated photography
Automated editing and publication
Full integration with your systems and websites

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Outsource your 360° automotive photography

No investment in a photo studio
No problems with lack of space
Manage your photography centrally and in real- time in the cloud
Automated editing and publication
Full integration with your systems and websites

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Every detail pictured perfectly, every time. Try it yourself!

Advertise every car

Automotive marketing innovator

Photo-Motion as an automotive marketing innovator takes you along in the growth figures based on our automotive photography solutions.


Time saved


More digital leads


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Your total caretaker in the automotive photography field.

Photo-Motion is firing on all cylinders. We are constantly improving our solutions, products and services to make sure that our clients can create and distribute the perfect advert, every single day. Furthermore, this must be done as efficiently as possible; all to make sure that the lot time of the average (used) car is as short as possible.

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The proper and attractive (online) presentation of our cars is becoming increasingly important. We started looking for a party who could help us automate this process of photography and publication, with high image quality as standard. After various discussions, we went with Photo-Motion. The ideal match; in each other we found the perfect sparring partner for our issue. They helped us upgrade our existing photo studio and build a new, second studio. Both are centrally linked to their software and our inventory system. This saves us considerable time and effort!

Gijsbert ter HaarSenior Marketeer Düsseldorf BMW, NL

Last year our business began the transition to a fully online business, which in turn meant that we needed to move to a virtual forecourt. We began the search for a partner that could provide the efficiency required of a high-volume business without compromising on the quality of images. Our search started in the UK and led us all the way to the Netherlands! I can honestly say they have exceeded our expectations in every way. They are efficient, innovative, professional, and supportive. The perfect partner for any business looking to stand out in the automotive industry.

Simon ParkerManaging Director Henley Cars, UK

We mapped out various providers, and Photo-Motion came out on top. This turns out to have been the right choice; in addition to our own inventory of some 6,500 vehicles per year, we also photograph cars for parties such as Broekhuis and Baan, among others. The software automatically transfers the photos to the right clients and are these edited and sorted on the basis of their own requirements. As a result, we, as well as our clients, all have distinctive spinners and advertising photos. Soon there will be a second Photo-Motion studio to further expand this service.

Willem SchotpoortCommercial director Axero, NL

We want to advertise online in a more transparent way with a look that matches the quality we want to strive for as a dealer using new techniques. On the one hand, we want to make an impact with beautiful photos and make a positive impression on the online customer. On the other hand, a photo studio fits in perfectly with the business process in which we want to publish cars online as efficiently as possible. Thanks to Photo-Motion's training and their always-available helpdesk, we now have the process in place. The beautiful photos and 360° spinners as a result of Photo-Motion's automated 360° photo studio lead to more website visitors spending more time on the website pages and making more enquiries. It gives us more sales with a faster turnaround time! In addition, the work process is optimised, accelerated and saves time and money.

Dorus ArtsMarketing Manager Zijm BV, NL

These market leaders use Photo-Motion technology to enrich their brand & business.

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