360-degree turntables
for the best product presentation

Images move cars.
How it works

360 degree turntables for fast uniform car photography

Consumers and companies are increasingly found on the Internet. More customer journeys than ever start on the internet. With our turntables and 360-degree photography techniques, we take your online showroom and presentation to the next level, resulting in faster sales. Photo-Motion offers tailor-made solutions in turntables. A 360 degree turntable can be used for various purposes. For instance car photography, product photography or an event, to show your cars from their best side(s). We offer custom made solutions in electric and industrial turntables, with the focus on 360 degree photography as application. Photo-Motion makes sure your car models turn smoothly with our turntables, without you even having to lift a finger.

Efficiency through automation

Our advanced software does all the work at the touch of a button. The program that controls the turntable is easy to operate, the photos are then automatically optimised, cropped and sorted into your desired order. Then we make sure that there is a seamless integration of the photos into your stock management system or website. Within 15 minutes, your cars or products are live. This way, your entire stock is always uniformly on the photo and you ensure a professional and distinctive appearance on both the dealer website and the portals. You can follow the process in real time in the online environment that you can access from any computer. In our 360c car studios, professional photography techniques are used and high resolution pictures are taken from every angle to present your product in all its detail. This results in a shortened stand time, boosts sales quickly and frees up your hands for even more sales. Who doesn’t want that?

Consistancy and speed in photography with our 360 degree turntable solutions

Large turntables for the automotive industry

Car companies that use professional photo material on advertisement sites generate more leads and sell more cars than their competitors. A good stock presentation has therefore never been more important than now. Photo-Motion offers tailor-made solutions in large turntables specifically for the automotive industry. Do you want to shorten the standing time of your cars and speed up the sale of your stock? Using our turntables and 360c professional car photography as a tool, you will improve your entire online car presentation. Online, the customer journey begins, whereby the photos and images will ultimately be decisive for a sale. Photos that match your corporate identity and allow you to advertise each car consistently. We develop processes and use advanced techniques in our 360c car studios where you can advertise your cars faster and thus sell them faster with the perfect images. We support large and small parties in setting up an ideal process that suits every budget. From a complete new photo studio with turntable to upgrading an existing studio. There are various photo studio designs possible, each of which gives the photography its own look and emotion. In addition, you can choose the number of cameras used, whether or not 360c interior images and accelerated high-speed process. We are happy to listen to your wishes and give you appropriate advice.

The benefits in numbers

Good pictures sell cars. Advertisements can take place faster, uniformity is guaranteed and dependencies on weather and time are eliminated with our turntable solutions. With our turntables a more efficient process and therefore direct cost reduction and an acceleration of turnover.


Time reduction


More digital leads


More telephone leads


More traffic

Customised 360-degree turntable solutions

We turn your idea into reality. Photo-Motion offers three possibilities as a total solution for your business. All our turntables are part of the car photo studios and are built with various expansion options to suit your business. Our car photography results in many benefits such as uniform photography matching your brand identity, reduced stand time, faster sales of your car stock and the photography process can be done at any time. No external factors influence the process.

Discover our possibilities for the perfect online car presentation

With our complete automated 360-degree car photo studio with turntable, you are assured of high-quality photography with 250+ high-resolution photos of the interior, exterior and details. These images are then optimised to your requirements and integrated into your stock management system. Do you already have a studio? No problem. You can also choose to automate or upgrade an existing photo studio without having to build a whole new one. Of course, you will benefit from an automated photography process for high-quality photos of your cars. No space or budget for your own 360c photo studio with turntable? Then you can choose to outsource 360c car photography and we will set up the entire process for you at a partner in your area. You will enjoy the same advantages at a fraction of the cost. With our know-how and experience as an automotive marketing innovator, we ensure optimal images and seamless integration of quality images at all times. And that sells cars.

Advertise and sell cars more quickly with perfect images.
Images move cars.

We develop processes that help you sell more cars. Whether you’re looking for a comprehensive solution in the form of a complete 360° photo studio, automating or upgrading an existing photo studio with a turntable or outsourcing your automotive photography to one of partners, we can help. Regardless of which solution you choose, we provide optimal images and seamless integration with your other processes using our know-how and experience as an automotive marketing innovator. And this sells cars.

Complete 360° photo studio for automotive photography

Ideal routing for your location
Can be completely finished with your desired colours and materials
Automated photography
Automated editing and publication
Full integration with your systems and websites

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Automate/upgrade your existing 360° photo studio

Reuse existing studio
Optional upgrade of cameras, lighting and studio box
Automated photography
Automated editing and publication
Full integration with your systems and websites

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Outsource your 360° automotive photography

No investment in a photo studio
No problems with lack of space
Manage your photography centrally and in real- time in the cloud
Automated editing and publication
Full integration with your systems and websites

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Discover the possibilities

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

What is the standard load capacity?

The standard load capacity of our turntables is 3000 kg. This makes the turntable suitable for virtually all (electric) passenger cars and light commercial vehicles. The turntable can also be made heavier. Ask for the possibilities.

What do I need to consider when choosing the right turntable?

The largest car you would like to photograph must fit on it.

What diameters are available?

We supply turntables in the sizes 3m, 5m, 5.5m, 6m, 6.5m and 7m. Need a bigger turntable? Please let us know!

Can I view Photo-Motion turntables before I buy one?

Certainly! Please contact us to schedule a viewing.

Is it possible to request a custom-made turntable?

Absolutely. Describe your use case and we will be happy to advise you on the right turntable.

Are the turntables only for sale or also for hire?

Turntables and studios can be bought or leased.

The turntables come with a standard 12-month product guarantee.

Standaard worden de draaiplateaus geleverd met 12 maanden productgarantie.

How does a turntable for car photography work?

You create a room with a quiet background and good lighting. The most professional solution is a complete photo studio. Do you need help with that? We offer suitable solutions.

Getting started:

Step 1: Drive the car onto the platform.
Step 2: Take a photo fully automatic at each stop.
Step 3: Take a few more interior photos.
Step 4: Finished! The turntable is ready for another photo session.
Step 5: Our software ensures that the car is online on your website and advertised on the various platforms within minutes.

Does Photo-Motion install the turntables?

We have been working with Pre-Motion for years, they install the turntables and complete car photo studios.

Does Photo-Motion also sell other parts besides turntables?

Yes, we can supply a fully automated photo studio. Please contact us for more information.

What are the integration possibilities?

The Photo-Motion software can be linked to your stock management system and the various platforms on which you advertise.

When will my order be delivered?

The average delivery time after signing of the offer is 8-10 weeks.

In which countries do you deliver & install?

Our current customers are located in Europe and in the UK. We are open to cooperation outside Europe and the UK.