Complete 360° photo studio with turntable for
automotive photography

An automated 360° photo studio for automotive photography made by Photo-Motion ensures that your cars are posted online more quickly and provides you with high-quality photography, consistent adverts and a professional appearance. This allows you to distinguish yourself from your competitors and generate more leads. It kills two birds with one stone; your inventory is posted online more quickly and is sold more quickly.

How we do it

Fully automated workflows


Photo-Motion Manager

With Photo-Motion Manager you can take 250+ high resolution photos of the exterior, interior and all important details in minutes. The images are automatically processed and uploaded to the cloud.


Photo-Motion Online

With Photo-Motion Online, your images are optimized, cropped, sorted and provided with logos fully automatically and according to your wishes. The background can also be removed or marketing images, such as delivery packages or warranty conditions, can be automatically added to the photo series. This makes the images completely ready for the internet without any human intervention.


Photos directly on your website and stock management system

The 360 ° exterior images, 360 ° interior images and advertisement photos are immediately available in your inventory management system and on your website, so that they can be found immediately online. Instantly distribute the right images and avoid lost leads by advertising for days or even weeks with "expected" images.

Every detail pictured perfectly, every time. Try it yourself!

Automate internal processes

Your inventory is photographed and advertised entirely automatically. This means that you are no longer dependent on the weather conditions and the presence of specific colleagues, allowing clients to find cars online much sooner. You won’t have to lose leads any more because cars are advertised with ‘coming soon’ images for days or even weeks.

Generate more leads

Studies show that good photos generate 52.4% more leads via email, 35.7% more leads via telephone and 26% more website visitors. The Photo-Motion solutions, in addition to an efficient process, also ensure the highest quality and most consistent inventory presentation. It is with good reason that our clients invariably win the category of ‘Best Inventory Presentation’ of the Online Dealer Awards!

Reduce lot time

It’s very simple: a more efficient process and more leads reduce the lot time of your inventory. This higher throughput allows you to generate more revenue. You’re happy, we’re happy.

Get ready for the future

We never stop; the Photo-Motion solutions are constantly in development. This ensures an investment that keeps you ahead of the game and which will continue to provide returns in the future.

Automotive Marketing innovator

Photo-Motion takes you as an automotive marketing innovator into the growth figures based on our automotive photography solutions.


Time saved


More digital leads


More telephone leads


More clicks

Discover the possibilities

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Looking for a different solution?

Our two alternatives


Automate/upgrade your existing 360° photo studio

Reuse existing studio
Optional upgrade of cameras, lighting and studio box
Automated photography
Automated editing and publication
Full integration with your systems and websites

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Outsource your 360° automotive

No investment in a photo studio
No problems with lack of space
Manage your photography centrally and in real- time in the cloud
Automated editing and publication
Full integration with your systems and websites

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