Complete photo studio for car photography at DAGO Autogroep

DAGO Autogroep is constantly aiming to improve efficiency and reduce costs. The Photo-Motion total solution for 360° car photography makes sure that DAGO’s photography process is now running much more smoothly. The car company is thereby no longer depending on circumstances such as the weather or the availability of a professional photographer. The studio box has been positioned conveniently in the routing: near the cleaning department and car wash. Thanks to the fully automatic photo studio, the process of getting a newly arrived car on DAGO’s website is now much faster and less cost intensive; a huge benefit for an automotive company that photographs approximately 2,500 cars a year!

Because potential customers are now starting their search [for a new car] on the internet, online presentations have become extremely important. Customers drop out when they are not shown any/too few/poor-quality/unclear photos or information.

Richard SmeesManagement Dago Autogroep

DAGO Autogroep in the Netherlands has been using a Photo-Motion photo studio for car photography in Doetinchem since mid-2017. The studio box is measuring 7.0 x 9.0 metres and is equipped with conveniently positioned cameras, well-balanced lighting and a white background with rounded corner. The photos all have a similar, tranquil appearance and show every detail – which is very beneficial when selling used cars. Website visitors can easily compare cars online and choose their favourite model.