Autonomous Vehicle Inspection System (AVIS)

With the arrival of the Internet, the automotive industry has become much more transparent for consumers and Internet orientation often replaces visits to multiple showrooms. In recent years, we have seen more and more parties who want to realise the (complete) sale of a car via the Internet. In order to convince customers, they use professional multimedia presentations to present the vehicles in detail.

The corona crisis is accelerating the role of extensive orientation via the Internet. Physical showrooms are visited less by exploratory consumers, while online showrooms receive more and more visits. It is clear that the role of the Internet in the purchase process of a car is unimaginable. Photo-Motion has been active in the automotive sector for years and offers innovative robust solutions to automate the photography and remarketing process of vehicles. The developments within the AVIS project in the area of vehicle inspection systems are a logical continuation of this.

For more than a decade, the market has been searching, searching and developing a way to automate the detection, analysis and classification of damage. To date, no one has succeeded in doing so for the high volume processing of inventories. Photo-Motion has initiated a project with partners to realise this intended development. The aim is to offer the solution with AVIS and to further unburden and automate our clients in the world of car body repair and remarketing. We are using the latest developments in the field of sensor technology, deep neural networks (DNN) and Artificial Intelligence (AI). The intended result in the future is an automated self-learning vehicle inspection system for the various relevant components.

With the development of AVIS we want to automate the vehicle inspection by expanding the Photo-Motion studios with systems to further automate the inspection and analysis of the vehicle to create an overall picture of the condition of the vehicle.

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AVIS is made possible by EU and OP Oost.