VME Retail photographs its furniture in a modern Photo-Motion studio

In the beginning of 2018 we received a nice request from a company in the retail market (instead of the automotive market). VME Retail inquired about an offer for a complete photo studio for product photography. At that time, the company was still in the exploratory phase; meanwhile they have a complete studio box at their location in Hilversum (the Netherlands) available for daily, intensive use.

Photo studio with additional features (tailor-made)

Since VME Retail often takes photos of large furniture pieces such as sofas, we recommended them our default-size turntable (of Ø 4.5 metres) with elevated floor and sloping side. The floor and revolving platform have been smoothly finished with a coating that equals the light colour scheme of the photo walls. Due to VME’s efficient work process – whereby a piece of furniture is being prepared at one side of the studio and, after the photo shoot, is exited at the other side – we have created a second opening in the studio box of 7 x 9 x 4 metres. That second opening makes sure that their photography process can continue unhindered.

Our technicians have installed a diffuse luminous ceiling (with energy efficient LED lighting) approximately 3.5 metres above the (elevated) floor. Three Canon Single-Lens Reflex cameras have been placed in this luminous ceiling – one hanging exactly above the centre of the turntable. A minimal of six cameras is required for making attractive 3D sliders. VME’s photo studio has a total of no fewer than nine SLR cameras: a fixed setup of eight cameras (five on the camera arch and three in the ceiling) with an additional, separate detail camera. This supplies VME with a total of 288 pictures per product photo shoot!

Smart software for the easy compilation of 3D spinners

The workstation is located at the outer side of the studio box, where VME can constantly make use of the latest version of our Photo-Motion Manager software. They also intensively use Photo-Motion Online for the quick compilation of 3D spinners. All VME’s new photos are first ‘cut out’ to give products a completely white background. Subsequently, these photos are uploaded to the Photo-Motion Online platform where photo series are combined into smooth and stylish 3D spinners.

Differences between photo studios for car photography and product photography

Photo studios thus prove to be not solely applicable for the automotive market; also retail service organisations such as VME can benefit a great deal from a total solution including photo software. Car photography and product photography have many similarities: wishes regarding hardware and software are almost equal. With product photography of smaller products, a smaller turntable (and therefore also a smaller photo box) is sufficient for some companies. For car photography, however, a turntable of at least Ø 4,5 metres is always required. Another difference is that with car photography we would always recommend an automated roll door to prevent visible reflections in cars. With furniture however, the chances of undesired reflections is usually smaller (depending on the material that is being photographed).

Aiming for more efficient car photography or product photography work processes yourself?

From detailed photo series to impressive 3D spinners: with our complete studio and Photo-Motion software your photo shoots will be as efficient as possible. With a modern studio and smart software you are able to create interactive, online product presentations that will turn more website visitors into paying customers.

Feel free to contact us to discuss what unique advantages Photo-Motion can offer your company. We are happy to visit you, take a look at the available space at your location and go over the possibilities. We would also like to welcome you in our demo-studio in Ede (the Netherlands) and let you experience the comforts and benefits of Photo-Motion for yourself.

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